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Hello, I'm Olena, a passionate designer. I started my career with web design, but quickly get that my kink is whole cycle product development. By now Im working with brand design aka brand identity, packaging and editorial design. I develop marketing content (static and video) and animation.

I worked with FMCG companies, but my guilty pleasure is small, local businesses and its' excited owners.

I have a BA degree in journalism
and mass communication (Mechnikova)
and master in design and
Art Direction (Elisava).

I'm looking for a brand designer, creative director assistant, or related positions
in full cycle brand/ advertising agency
or product company. 


Leo Burnett

Kyiv, Ukraine

Graphic Designer

I started my internsip in September 2021. During it, I worked with adaptation of print and digital materials for Opel, Mitsubishi. Created digital materials for BNP Paribas and L&M.  Together with team we developed Christmas company for IQOS Georgia, among all we created pop up store, advent calendar and etc.

 My full time job I started in December 2021. Worked with :

  • Mondelez (Milka, Oreo, Barni, Lux, Tuc)

  • BNP Paribas

  • Philip Morris

  • Opel

  • Peugeot.

09.2021 - present

Ava Beauvais

Tbilisi, Georgia

Brand Designer/ Graphic Designer

Georgian brand that sells mulberry silk linens worldwide. Begun as a graphic designer and created visual brand identity, online shop, illustrations. Later, I was hired as a Brand
designer and developed the whole purchase cycle and brand concept.  Analyzed market and 

02.2021 - 09.2021

added more features, such as community activity as a part of the brand awareness strategy. I also developed the narrative structure and action plan either for brand and virtual character (brand assistant). Together with the client we upgraded the product and prepared
it for a worldwide launch.


Madrid, Spain

Marketing designer

Online internship as graphic designer/ marketing designer for P&G Baby Care marketing department. Main tasks were
to create promotion print and digital materials with strict guidelines.

02/2021 - 05/2021

Sentient Beans

Dallas, USA

Graphic Designer

Vegan ready to eat meals project created by enthusiasts from Texas. The client’s requested to create an identity that represents her lifestyle and philosophy
and step away from common vegan symbols. She wanted to see the flow
of energy in plant food and to cover yoga and chakra themes. 

Later I was asked to create stickers
for packages and business card. C
lient successfully presented brand at the local farm festival and sold all products. 



Barcelona/ Spain

Marketing Designer

Designed banners, marketing materials,
short animated promo videos for Instagram
and Facebook. Developed interactive
landing pages. 

05/2020 - 08/2020

De Veganizers

the Randstad, Netherlands

Graphic Designer

Vegan food agency providing consult
to restaurants and HORECA. I created brand identity, and landing page, As a part of the identity. I also created brand mascot that represents vegan Battle Mech.  


Milestones Group

Windhoek, Namibia

Marketing Designer

Parenting education service that provide support service, psychological sessions and encourages parents to build a healthy relationship with children. Milestones also support families
in need.  I was asked to develop video content for PPC campaigns.

Main struggle was to reveal complex problems
in 15 sec. I decided to use familiar-to-user mobile pop-ups, notifications alerts, and screen records. It help user to perceive information easier and concentrate on video message.


Village Square

Islamabad, Pakistan

Graphic Designer

Logo for online school from founder
of an independent school in Edopia that help children of Pakistan get quality
additional edication.





Master in design and Art Direction

2020 - 2021

Mechnikova University


BA Journalism and Mass Communication

2013 - 2017

Additional Education

Facebook Blueprint

Analytics Academy

2021 - present

Michigan University


Model Thinking




Includive Design




Web Design



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